About Wyse Scan

We are a simple company with one objective…we like to scan stuff.  We offer SDKs for barcode reading, RFID tags, and are starting to develop tools for 3D scanning as well.

We firmly believe that scanning should be simple.  Often tools flaunt all the options and configurations that are possible, reminding you of all the bells and whistles they offer.  We think scanning is normally a straightforward task, so we make it simple.  But we also throw in, for free, all the bells and whistles if you really need them.

We specialize in barcode and RFID tag scanning.  Don’t know the difference between Code39 and UPC?  Not sure if you need low frequency RFIDs or UHF ones? Not a problem, that’s why you came to us.  We can help!

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Fast Scan Times

We have tuned out SDK for speed. Fast camera activation, fast decoding, fast RFID read times...we focus on speed

Quicker In App Throughput

The faster our code acquires the data, the faster your app can use it

Custom Appearance

Need a bulls eye overlay to help your user point in the right direction? Our custom overlay lets you control what they user see.

Your Look...Your Way

Logos, watermarks, barcode “laser lines”, bulls eye targeting…these are all possible with a custom overlay.

Simple and Intuitive

Most of the time you don't need access to the underlying stream of data exposed at fractions of a second...so we hide it until you do.


If you need a feature, we have it…but we have taken considerable time focusing on what customers want most, and making those easy and intuitive.

Barcode Reading

RFID Reading

Rapid Integration

Integrate and run in less than 10 lines of code

using WyseScan.Mobile;                                                   //Required

     public sealed partial class MainPage : Page

        UIElement customOverlayElement = null;
        MobileBarcodeScanner scanner;                                    //Required
        public MainPage()

            scanner = new MobileBarcodeScanner(this.Dispatcher);         //Required
            scanner.Dispatcher = this.Dispatcher;                        //Required

        private void buttonScanDefault_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

            scanner.Scan().ContinueWith(t =>                             //Required
            {                                                            //Required
                if (t.Result != null)                                    //Required
                    HandleScanResult(t.Result);                          //Required
            });                                                          //Required

Simple Pricing

Pricing designed to fuel innovation, not break your wallet

Barcode SDK/device


RFID SDK/device


RFID Hardware


Get In Touch With Us

Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, our small but talented team has years of experience with code scanning.  We offer free trials of our SDK upon request, and all correspondence is confidential.

For our free trial of our barcode SDK, shoot us a line at


For our hardware solutions for RFID, you can catch us at:


And for our RFID SDK, we can be reached at: